Inclusivity, Diversity, Freedom to be.

This is a welcoming and safe community.

Things to bring:

  • Yourself, as you are

  • Water/ hydration

  • Yoga mat provided, we just ask you to clean it after class

  • Towels, Blocks, Straps, Blankets and Bolsters are provided, but you can bring your own


  • Leave shoes outside of practice space

  • Silence phones if possible

  • Enter and leave the practice space mindfully

  • Please save perfuming for outside of the studio

  • Share space, being mindful of other students during practice

  • Keep your focus on your mat, no comparison or judgement

  • Allow yourself to be guided by the teacher, listening to suggestions and moving as your body permits

  • Do not disrupt the practice if you need to leave, leave as softly as possible with minimal disturbance


What if I’m not flexible?

That’s wonderful! The good news is, yoga is not about being flexible, it’s a practice to connect mind, body and spirit. Yoga can be as simple as laying on the mat and breathing. Just start where you are, listening to your body, and staying present with your breath. Being flexible can be a nice side-effect of practicing yoga if you keep coming, but it’s not the end goal.

Should my movements look exactly like the teacher or other students?

Absolutely not, we all have different body dynamics. Listen to the teacher and watch the teacher’s movements and then feel it out in your own body. The first principle of yoga is no harm. Listen to your body and keep your focus on your mat.

The teacher says “Inhale” and I “exhale”; breath-in and I’m breathing out. Help! I’m ready to give up!

That’s ok. Continued practice will help link breath to movement allowing full integration of the practice. Slow down and keep the focus on your body and your breath, knowing it is ok to rest between poses and breath mindfully with the class.

What should I wear?

Comfortable work-out clothing, a t-shirt and gym shorts, yoga pants, really work-out clothing of any kind. Be mindful that you could be folding forward (as if touching your toes) and bending backwards, and it’s also possible that your legs could end up in the air. So, dress accordingly.