Harmonizing Sound Journey

with Max Raphael


7-9pm, $20

De-stress, unwind, and find your inner calm and stillness—through transformative sounds by Max Raphael of True Resonance. Begin with group vocal toning to bring your breath, body and mind into alignment. Then, lie back and go on a soulful journey within, guided by the instruments. Max plays the didgeridoo, Native Flute, Chimes, and his “ensembowl” of antique Tibetan singing bowls he collected at their source in Nepal. These pure vibrations experienced live are not only pleasing to the ear, but their soothing resonance can be felt throughout the entire body. The intuitive progression of sounds is intended to provide a unique balance and “reset” for the body, mind & spirit—leaving you with a lasting sense of harmony and stillness to share with others.

About Max:

Max Raphael’s passion for the contemplative healing arts has taken him across the world and back. Through his company True Resonance LLC, Max provides products and experiences to help people attune to an authentic sense of wellbeing that inspires greater harmony and purpose in everyday life.

He offers group sound healing experiences around town, as well as individual sound massage sessions. Max has recorded two CD’s that feature Tibetan singing bowls, Native Flute, and windchimes.

More information: www.trueresonance.net