Our Team

Our heart-centered teachers hold space for every individual. Reverence for each body, each mind, each spirit, no matter how you show up. Come as you are and simply be.


Matt Ionna

Studio Manager | Yoga Essentials

Lara Rice

Breathe and Restore

Anne Minter


Chris McLaren

Morning Flow

Donna Covrett

Yang/Yin Fusion

Jessica Smith

Yin Yoga

Katie Harten

Bottle Rocket | Lunchtime Vinyasa | Rocket

Alex Ryberg

Integrative Yin Yoga

Lorraine Becker

RES(e)T | Urban Zen

Max Raphael

R&R w/ Suzie | Harmonizing Sound Journey

Meredith Wasson

Lunch Flow | Rise and Flow

Mija Speakman

Slow Flow

Nathan Lautz


Nikki Owens

Ashtanga Vinyasa

Sonya Verma

Embodied Flow

Suzie Nagy

R&R w/ Max | Ecstatic Dance

Trisha Durham

Big Flow | Midday Yoga Break | Queer Yoga

Karen O’Brien

YogaFusion | Mid-Day Meditaion | Luminous Flow

Kevin Cueto

Yin Essentials | Yoga Essentials

Emily Keenan

Mindful Morning Flow