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Vinyasa Flo

With Nikki

Experience a fun, challenging, dynamic flow of yoga postures (Asanas)  that synchronizes movement with  Tristansa:

  1. Breath- ujjayi pranayama (“victorious” breath)

  2. Bandhas (energy “locks”)

  3. Dristi (eye gaze), the tri-focus essence of Ashtanga vinyasa. 

Beginning with sun salutations and culminating in savasana (a relaxed moment of stillness), this class (yoga practice) will safely build endurance, strength, heat, and flexibility, while cultivating calm and relaxation in both the mind and body.

Recovery yoga

With Matt & Lara

This is a donation based class for those affected by addiction in any way. This group is inclusive, ALL are welcome here.

We hold a Movement practice and then a meeting based on 12 Step Recovery. This is donation based practice, no one is turned away.

The characteristics and effects of addiction could easily be described as separation. Addictive behaviors disconnect us from ourselves, our loved ones, our environment and so much more.

Conversely, yoga itself means union, integration, balance. Yoga and its practices teach the fine art of balancing our multidimensional lives while living in a complex world.

kundalini Yoga - high health

With Anne

This class offers powerful techniques for self-healing sourced from both ancient and modern science. Kundalini yoga is the practice of complete energetic sequences, called kriyas. Each kriya is composed of asana (body posture), pranayama (breath control), mantra (vibratory sound), and meditation (concentrated focus). Every class begins with an intelligent warm-up sequence, followed by one (or more) prescriptive kriya(s), deep relaxation, and a targeted meditation. This class is academic and experiential. The techniques are reproducible- taught in a way that encourages the development (and enhancement) of your own daily yoga practice. These teachings are part of a vast system of lifestyle knowledge that one could spend an entire lifetime learning, but the elevating physical and psychological effects will be felt after just one class.

Midday Yoga Break

With Trisha

A 50-minute flo yoga class to reset and refresh your day.

Bottle Rocket

With Katie

Bottle Rocket is a routine modified for all levels of Yogis in a shorter practice. This sequence stems from the traditions of Ashtanga Yoga created by Larry Shultz which focuses on hips & forward bending on certain days then back bending & strengthening on others. Transitions are introduced as well through a creative mind by “listening to the inner teacher and quieting the inner critic.” Bottle Rocket is a good foundation to other Rocket routines.

Rocket Yoga

With Katie

In this self-empowering sequence of poses, we let go of the right or wrong way to do a pose and find freedom to explore our strength that will carry us through the universe and to begin our journey towards bravery by listening to our inner teacher and not our inner critic. The Rocket yogi honors all practitioners and their journey through the cosmos.

 The Rocket came from the traditional Ashtanga practice created by Larry Shultz.

The Rocket inspires us to explore, to be brave and creative, to find a new path between poses and so much more. In this unique sequence we practice enabling us to sit and meditate longer with ease so we can calm the ripple of the mind to see our true reflection and manifest our dreams.

Lunch Time vinyasa

With Katie

Lunch time 50 Minute Vinyasa Flo

Embodied Flo: Creating Sacred Space

With Sonya

This class welcomes time for mindful movement with a unique blend of seeing and experiencing the body through a new lens. It’s blends of a vinyasa flow, longer held yin postures, somatic and experiential anatomy meditations, exploration of the 5 elements, breath-work and reconnection to the unique architecture and rhythm of your body and to your medicine.

Morning Flo

With Chris

If you are new to yoga, been away from your practice for a while or are recovering from physical situations, you will love this class. It's a teaching class, appropriate for all levels, to help you get into proper form for your body. This Hatha Yoga class is infused with Qigong, Pranayama and meditation to help you heal and connect your body, mind and spirit. You will leave feeling nourished in a state of focused relaxation, ready for your day.

Rise and Flo

With Meredith

An early morning invitation to jump start your day with fluid, mindful movement. We will begin with feel good stretches to ease in the day, enhance the flow of circulation and gently awaken the nervous system. We will energize with bright sun salutations and strengthen through with creative, funky transitions into familiar postures. All levels welcome.

Lunch FLO Vinyasa Flo

With Meredith

Use your lunch hour to refuel your afternoon! Deepen your breath, tap into your strength and become more aware of the relationship of your mind and body. This vinyasa flow class is developed to release tension, ignite your inner fire and send you back into your workday energized and refreshed. All levels welcome.

Slow Flo Vinyasa

With Mija

Move intentionally with your breath in this Slow Flow Vinyasa class. Warming up with sun salutations and moving through postures holding a tad longer to explore your body and your own strength. Mixed with mindfulness and heart centered connection, feel refreshed, relaxed and re-energized for your day.

Breathe and Restore

With Lara

This is a heavily propped class where we are guided to our breath, opening to relax and let go. The use of multiple bolsters, blankets, and blocks, allowing this class to offer a Restoration through a limited number of poses. Suitable for all.

Urban Zen

With Lorraine

Urban Zen Integrative Therapists™ use multiple modalities to address the symptoms of PANIC™ that generally accompany disease, injury and stress: Pain, Anxiety, Nausea, Insomnia and Constipation. If you have any of these symptoms you are likely to also be exhausted, so that is addressed as well. These modalities include gentle mindful movements, guided meditation, guided breath practices, restorative yoga poses, essential oil therapy and Reiki. Urban Zen is currently being used in hospitals, hospices, schools, drug and alcohol rehab centers, corporations, yoga studios, and anywhere people experience stress. You’ll leave class feeling calm, relaxed, and revitalized. No yoga experience required.


With Lorraine

A combination of gentle hatha and Urban Zen practices to meet you where you are, invite transition through movement, pause, deep relaxation and release you back into your world feeling RESTed.  This class is for everyone!


With Nathan

A Vinyasa Yoga class influenced by aspects of Ashtanga Yoga -- Explore breath-guided movement, while maintaining mindfulness of body, form, and breath.  If students attending would like a challenge, various inversions and balance poses can be explored and taught in a gradual and accessible way.  We may also explore integrating movements from Tai Chi and Qigong into the practice.  No skill or experience level is required to attend.

Yang Yin Fusion

With Donna

A 75-minute class fusing an invigorating flow-style sequence (Yang) for building strength and balance, followed by long passive poses (Yin) on the floor targeting connective tissue, joints, and relaxation. Suitable for all levels, beginners to seasoned practitioners. Props used.

Yin Essentials

With Kevin

This is a class to practice building a Yogic foundation of opening, stillness, and letting go.

It is for all levels with various experience. Focus will be breath, edge, settling into slow and steady holds and mediation.

Yoga Essentials

With Kevin

This is a class to practice building a Yogic foundation.

It is for all levels with various experience, it’s a wonderful place to begin a practice, or continue an already established one. Focus will be breath, movement, and meditation.

Yoga Essentials

With Matt

This is a class to practice building a Yogic foundation.

It is for all levels with various experience, it’s a wonderful place to begin a practice, or continue an already established one. Focus will be breath, movement, and meditation.

Mindful morning flow

With Emily Keenan

Start your Saturday off with an uplifting morning flow. We’ll begin with gentle stretching to wake up the body, and build toward more challenging sequences. The goal is to move mindfully through each pose, focusing on the breath in order to calm the mind & strengthen the body.

stretch and strengthen

With Bonnie Farr

An Ashtanga-inspired class that seeks to provide a balanced practiced with just enough challenge, play, and relaxation. Find connection between movement and breath through flowing Vinyasas and quiet moments of deep stretch. Modifications and extra challenge poses are provided, making it a safe place for all levels of yogis to expand their practice.


With Suzie and Max

Reawaken to your sense of harmony from the inside out.

You'll leave this class with a feeling of peace, clarity, and rejuvenation that lasts long afterwards.

Join us for a special R&R yoga (Restorative yoga enhanced with Reiki) paired with live sound healing. Experience a unique relaxation, infused with soothing sound vibrations of Tibetan Singing Bowls, Didgeridoo, Native Flute and more. Poses (the majority of them being seated or reclined) are held passively for longer periods of time while utilizing props to ease you into comfort, allowing the body to truly open and release chronically held stress and tension. With some instruments taken around the room and played close to you, you'll feel your whole body bathing in sound vibrations that help to calm the mind and nervous system, taking you deeper into each pose. Reawaken to your sense of harmony from the inside out.

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